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       After many years development , FTD Automation Instruments Limited (shortened as "Company" hereafter) becomes the enterprise ranked as top one for the national comprehensive capacity in the manufacturing sector of industrial automatic control devices. Company focuses on the business of are: Electromagnetic flow meter,  Gas Turbine Flowmeter, Liquid Turbine Flowmeter, Vortex Flow meter , Radar level sensor, Variable area flow meter, Oval Gear Flowmeter, Pressure transmitters . All the products are calibrated before leaving factory.The main business of Company is industrial automatic devices including unit product.The unit product mainly contains intelligent actuator, smart transmitter, smart flow meter, temperature instrument,control room instrument,analyzer and so on.

      From the founding of Company it always works on the technical research of industrial automatic control system and devicesand the development of the relative products. Company follows science technology creation and contribution to the country with manufacturing for many years. It provides automatic instrument and system solution for the key engineerings for the industries of national power, metallurgy, petrochemical, building material, communication and city administration. It is also well-known in the same sector and in the domestic market due to the rank top one for many years for its economic volume in China.

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