FEF Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Battery Type)

FEF Electromagnetic Flowmeter (Battery Type)
is specially designed for water supply industry and suitable for area metering, charging metering and irrigation of water supply network etc. It adopts common lithium battery as its working power, so it is no need external power supply and more suitable for the places which is inconvenient with external power supply.

Unique Features:

  • Sensor adopts the patent technology to product, short production cycle, high process consistency and good repeatability.
  • Unique structure design ensures the effective measurement accuracy.
  • Excitation with low frequency rectangular wave improves measuring stability and reduces power consumption, long battery service life, and superior lowflow characteristic.
  • Can through the GPRS system networking to reduce the instrument maintenance costs greatly.

Common Features:

  • It adopts common lithium battery as its working power, so it is no deed external power supply to avoid no metering caused by power off or power supply circuit broken.
  • High accuracy, pipe type meter can reach ±0.5%,±0.3%.
  • It adopts common lithium battery as its working power and keeps working more than 3 years.  

Electromagnetic Flowmeter (battery power supply type)
is special designed for water supply industry and suitable for area metering and charging metering, irrigation of water supply network.


Technical Parameter Table:

Structure Type Accuracy Repeatability
Pipe Type ±0.5%,±0.3%,±0.2% 0.17%,0.1%,0.07%
Inserted  Type ±2.5% 0.83%



Rated Pressure:1.0MPa、1.6MPa、4.0MPa
Special Pressure: Customizable

Medium Temperature: E Grade ~60℃

Electrode Type: Standard Fixted Type

Sensor Type: Pipe Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Inserted Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Pipe Flanged Type DN25~DN1200 (CR Liner)
Pipe Wafered Type DN25~DN200 (C1 Liner)
Inserted Type: DN80~1800

Structure Material:
Electrode: 316L
Liner: CR (Flanged), C1 (Wafered Type)
Measurement Tube: Stainless Steel
Flange: Carbon Steel (Common), Stainless Steel (Optional)
Body: Carbon Steel (Common), Stainless Steel (Optional)
Meter Head: Die Casting Aluminum

Power Supply: 3.6VLithium Battery Supply

Electric Interface: M16×1.5

Protection Grade: IP68

Electrode Number: 2~6

Flow Direction: Forward and Reverse

Ambient Temperature: -25~50℃
Storage: -40~60℃

Relative Humidity: 5~90%

Alarm: Empty Pipe, Excitation

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